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The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users to create profiles.Users can find jobs, people and business opportunities. Users also have the ability to follow different companies.


Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets".


Instagram allows you to promote your brand and product in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to your customers. 80% of Instagram users have made a purchase based on something they discovered on the platform.

Facebook Business

Facebook Business provides the latest news, tips and best practices to help you meet your business goals.


Become the First Generation Leader of the Digital Marketing Revolution


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects

No Topic Days Hours
1 Digital Marketing Overview, Major Modules Introduction 1 2
2 Bring Business Idea on Floor, Job Opportunity 1 2
3 Canva Graphics Design Tool 2 4
4 Social Media-Organic Posting Strategy 1 2
5 Social Media-Content Calendar building 1 2
6 Social Media-Facebook Page 2 4
7 Social Media-Facebook Ads Objective, Brand Awareness 1 2
8 Social Media-Facebook Ads-Reach, Traffic 1 2
9 Social Media-Facebook Ads- Post engagement, Page likes 1 2
10 Social Media-Facebook Ads- Event responses, Video Views 1 2
11 Social Media-Facebook Ads-Message, Conversion 1 2
12 Social Media-Facebook Ads-Catalog Sales, Store traffic 1 2
13 Social Media-Facebook Ads-Remarketing, Conversion Tracking 1 2
14 Social Media-Facebook Ads-Dynamic Creative, Offer 1 2
15 Social Media-Facebook Ads-Small Factors 1 2
16 Social Media-Instagram- Bio Profile, Growth Hacks 1 2
17 Social Media-Instagram- Business Account, Paid Promotion 1 2
18 Social Media-Linked Job Oriented Profile Building 1 2
19 Social Media-LinkedIn Page, Organic Posting Strategy 1 2
20 Social Media-LinkedIn Ads 1 2
21 Social Media-Twitter Profile, Organic Posting Strate 1 2
22 Social Media-Twitter Ads 1 2
23 Social Media-Pinterest, Automation Tools 1 2
24 Social Media Exam 1 2
25 Google Ads-Introduction 1 2
26 Google Ads-Search Ad 1 2
27 Google Ads-Extension 1 2
28 Google Ads-Display ad, Gmail ad 1 2
29 Google Ads-Video ad 1 2
30 Google Ads-Shopping ad 1 2
31 Google Ads-Remarketing, Conversion Tracking 1 2
32 Bing Ads 1 2
33 Google Ads Exam 1 2
34 WordPress-Domain & Hosting Purchase 1 2
No Topic Days Hours
35 WordPress-Website Design, Theme 1 2
36 WordPress-Elementor page builder 1 2
37 WordPress-Contact Form Integration 1 2
38 WordPress-Blog Page 1 2
39 WordPress-Content work 1 2
40 SEO-Introduction 1 2
41 SEO-Keyword Research Tool 1 2
42 SEO-Basic On-Page- Meta Tags, Heading 1 2
43 SEO-Basic On-Page-URL Optimization Image Optimization 1 2
44 SEO-Basic On-Page-Keyword Insertion 1 2
45 SEO-Basic On-Page-Small Factors 1 2
46 SEO Off-Page-Activity Overview, Link Finding 1 2
47 SEO Off-Page-Link Activity Submission 1 2
48 SEO- Audit Report, GMB 1 2
49 SEO-Google Analytics 1 2
50 SEO-Google Webmaster, Other Tools 1 2
51 Blogging 1 2
52 SEO Exam, SEMRush Toolkits Exam 1 2
53 Google Adsense 1 2
54 Affiliate Marketing 1 2
55 YouTube Channel Setup 1 2
56 YouTube Video Making & Editing on Mobile(Kinemaster App) 1 2
57 Quora Organic & Ads 1 2
58 WhatsApp & SMS Marketing 1 2
59 Email Marketing 2 4
60 MEME Marketing 1 2
61 Podcasting 1 2
62 Freelancing 1 2
63 DM-With Business 1 2
64 DM-Resume Preparation 1 2
65 DM-Interview Preparation 1 2
66 DM-Mock Interview 1 2
67 Final Digital Marketing Exam for Vepsun Certificate 1 2
Total 70 140
5-10 Projects will be assigned in the course.
By Google
  1. Google Ads Search Certification
  2. Google Ads Display Certification
  3. Google Ads Video Certification
  4. Google Ads Apps Certification
  5. Shopping ads Certification
  6. Google Ads Measurement Certification
  7. Google Analytics Certification
By HubSpot
  1. HubSpot Inbound Certification
  2. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification
  3. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification
  4. HubSpot Social Media Marketing Course Certification
  5. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification
By SEMrush
  1. SEMrush SEO Toolkit Certification
  2. SEMrush Content Marketing & SEO Fundamentals Certification
By Vepsun
  1. Master Digital Marketing Certification


Executive Program in Digital Marketing Technology Certified By Google, Hubspot, SEMrush & Facebook,

Certifications by Google


Google Ads Search


Google Ads Display


Google Ads Video


Google App Ads


Google Shopping Ads


Google Ads Measurement


Google Analytics

Certifications by HubSpot


HubSpot Inbound


HubSpot Inbound Marketing


HubSpot Email Marketing


HubSpot Social Media Marketing Course Certification


HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

Certifications by SEMrush


SEO Toolkit


Content Marketing & SEO Fundamentals

Certifications by Vepsun


Certification by Vepsun

Program Fee

Digital Marketing

INR.39,999* 19,999*

Inclusive of all Taxes

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  • arrow 15 Certifications
  • arrow Online - live Classes
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Note: *The processing fee (1% of the full loan amount) will have to be paid by the student, and the applicant must earn more than Rs. 15,000 per month in order to avail the loan.

Documents required for the EMI Process

Documents Description
Photo Photo Scanned or Taken by Phone
Pan Scanned or Photo
Address Proof ( Any 2) Aadhar/ Voter ID/ Passport/ DL/ Water Bill/ Piped Gas Bill/ Electricity/ Rent Agreement Franked
NACH ( Any 1) Canceled Cheque/ Bank Statement First Page/ Passbook first page
Bank statements ( Any 1) Salaried - (3 Months), Self Employed (6 months)
Income Proof (Any1) Salaried - Latest Salary Slip, Self Employed - Company Incorporation proof / ITR

App :

Web : https://eduvanz.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing is all about Brand Marketing tactics via Online Channels. It Includes various methods and Techniques like SEO, SEM, Link building, Email marketing, PPC, etc.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique in Digital Marketing that allows increasing the website traffic quality through organic search engine results.
On-page optimization directly handles the structure and content of a site whereas off-page optimization boosts the search engine ranking by fetching external links to point back to it.
Keyword Streaming means Analyzing the Relevant Keywords and choose the best keyword for the Website based on its target, in order to get organic traffics and leads through the keywords.
In Pay Per Click Advertising, Advertisers pay the Publisher (website owner or a host of the website) when the ad is clicked.
Yes, we provide in-depth study material on digital marketing that is meticulously structured.
As of now it’s just Online Live mode through LMS due to Covid-19 Pandemic. However if you are interested in offline mode, you can register and we will offer you the seat on a first come first serve basis!
We provide free Domain & Hosting for every student that enrols with us along with the course. You can build your own website & even earn from it.
You don’t really need to know any programming language to learn digital marketing. During the course, our expert trainer will help you get involved in it whenever necessary.
If you’re fluent in English, then it is an advantage because it will help you to create your own content & get global exposure. If you aren’t too good at English, you don’t have to worry much because our course structure is designed in such a way that you can do promotions in regional languages as well.
No. Most of us think that to learn digital marketing we need a technical background, which is not true. You can learn digital marketing without any technical background. To learn digital marketing your interest in promotion & branding is sufficient.

YES, we provide 15 digital marketing certificates as following:

Google Ads-Search Certification

Google Ads-Display Certification

Google Ads-Video Certification

Google Ads-Apps Certification

Google Ads-Shopping Certification

Google Ads-Measurement Certification

Google Analytics Certification

HubSpot-Inbound Certification

Google Ads-Video Certification

HubSpot-Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot-Email Marketing Certification

HubSpot-Content Marketing Certification

HubSpot-Social Media Marketing Course Certification

SEMrush- SEO Toolkit Certification

SEMrush-Content Marketing & SEO Fundamentals Certification

Master Digital Marketing Certification by Vepsun Technology

We recommend that you don't miss even a single class. If missed, you can get recorded video sessions on LMS which you can watch anytime. The video will be available for lifetime.
You are most welcome to join us and learn the nuances of the online marketing world! If you are a business professional then bring your business at our doorstep and we will help you to learn & implement digital skills on your brand.
Yes, we will train you how to do keyword mapping and share exclusive tips & tricks to get traffic on your blog.
Yes, it is! As digital marketing grows day by day, every business wants to move to the digital platform. It will create more and more demand for digital experts. Freshers can build a premium career or start their own business with the help of it.
Every month we start 3-5 Digital Marketing Weekdays/Weekend batches. You can enrol to the course by connecting with our educational counsellor. Connect on Mail info@vepsun.com or Call 90-363-63007
Regarding fees, connect with our educational counsellor & check for any offer! Connect on Mail info@vepsun.com or Call 90-363-63007

Plenty of jobs are awaiting you upon completion of the course! Business professionals are always looking for the right candidates who have digital marketing skills.

You can look into famous job portals like:






If you are a fresher, then you can expect around 3-5 LPA. Experienced professionals can expect 5 LPA & above.
Location will not be a concern for digital marketing professionals. If you have digital skills, you can do your job by sitting at home as well. You can get jobs in major tier 1 cities as mentioned below: Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and so on.

There are various job roles available as per your expertise. A few famous job roles available are:

Digital Marketing Executive

Social Media Executive

PPC Executive

SEO Executive

Social Media Expert

PPC Expert

SEO Expert

Email Marketing Expert

Brand Manager

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Manager and so on.

The Learning Management System is specially designed for the e-Learning platform. LMS helps us to conduct online live classes, schedule courses, provide study material, give assignments, conduct examinations, maintain track records of students' progress, and more.
A digital marketer is responsible for running different digital activities to generate leads and build brand awareness.
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