Software-defined infrastructure is the definition of technical computing infrastructure entirely under the control of software with no operator or human intervention. It operates independent of any hardware-specific dependencies and is programmatically extensible

Software Defined Storage


Storage is Changing; analytics, file stores, research data, disk to disk backups and other new workloads are placing a strain on traditional IT storage technology. New workloads demand new protocols and APIs like S3, Swift and Hadoop, but it’s not always silos. Sometimes traditional apps need to access the same spaces. A whole new level of flexibility is required.

Advanced Persistent Threat Mitigation - DNS Security


Laptops, mobile phones, and the ever-increasing number of tablets, are placing a strain on traditional IT network defences. Highly portable devices, which are often not protected with any anti-virus or anti-malware software, are being connected to a multitude of open (insecure) café/home/airport/hotel networks. As a result, they are frequently being compromised.

Micro-Segmentation – Enabling Zero Trust Security


Typically, data centre networks are protected through a strong perimeter-focused defence, which is exclusively designed to stop unauthorised access at the border. It is also common to see a degree of internal security defence using network security zones/segments, which are based on functionality or perceived risk. Such zones are routinely identified with names such as DMZ, Management Zone, Restricted Zone, and Trusted Zone.

Cloud Software Solutions


There are several benefits to using Dropbox Business as your file server; it helps reduce IT costs and complexity, and it improves productivity and collaboration within your business (ultimately increasing the rate at which you can innovate, streamline workflows and improving the bottom line of your balance sheet).

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